A Psalm-2


A Psalm of Meari

My heart is screaming, oh Lord

I am afraid.

My enemies plot in secret

They hide their faces as they plan my demise.

They speak slanderous against me

they murder me with their tongue,

having no guilt in their heart.

They lay in wait for my folly,

to see my spirit weary is their prize.

I will put my trust in God,

He places within me a faith

that grows and blooms like flowers in spring time.

His hand is upon me and I am protected.

Just like Jerusalem a city without walls,

God is my fiery wall of protection.

If I keep my eyes on God,

He will not remove himself from me.

He will always protect those that love and honor him.

Above all, Jesus, my Christ

allow your Holy Spirit to enable me

to be more and more like you each day.

Help me to know your ways.

Help me to grow in the spirit and

produce godly actions with a pure and humble heart.

Let every hard trial be for my edification

and for glory unto your name,



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