• Taking a walk and feeling the breeze on my face and scalp.
  • Relaxing in peace and solitude
  • Organizing files on my net-book – makes everything look better and easy to access. OH JOY! 
  • Noticing how flat my tummy is. -eating right and reducing stress is greatly affecting the way I look…in a good way!
  • Reading a bible passage last night that has me hopeful, excited and full of joy even today.
  • Connecting with people that share the same struggles as I do-offering and receiving comfort and encouragement.
  • Downloaded an organizing software that i’m excited to learn about.
  • Enjoyed the smell of warmth and sun.- ever noticed that each season has a distinct scent?
  • Anticipating the next episode of a show I started watching.
  • Making amends with someone.
  • Enjoying Valentines day with family in our own way.
  • All in all, being thankful for life and the Grace of Christ.

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