2/23/2013- WOOHOO!

Today started off horribly. Some things I won’t mention for the sake of my own sanity. ( Don’t worry it’s nothing I did.)

I also went to the store with a person I won’t name ( for privacy reasons) and the things we discussed made me feel unloved and my struggles not taken seriously. It’s like this person revealed how they feel about my situation in general and it made me upset. I guess I didn’t have much to be upset over, most people don’t understand.

Any who, I came home and sat on the bed for a few moments thinking of the best way to sulk and spend the day sitting on my rump. But the most amazing idea came to me : Why don’t you do your workout?

I joined this site and it keeps me accountable. I can record everything and anything that I did today regarding nutrition and fitness. I created a note saying that I want to end this day with a bang. I wanted to accomplish all I needed. I wanted to release all the stress, anger, tension, frustration into energy. Energy that will bring me closer to my goals. I felt like I was transported a couple years back to my teen years. I was active, motivated and always determined to reaching new goals.

Well, I did it! I did 30 minutes of cardio! Some people think that’s nothing, but for me it’s everything. I tried this work out before and I only did 15 to 17 mins. This is my 3rd time doing the video and I pushed and pushed to the 30. I realized I needed to go slower in the beginning. I needed to pay attention to my form. I didn’t want to hurt myself. I stretched before and after the work out.

I feel amazing and happy. Everything from this morning/afternoon is now forgotten ( for the most part). I can spend the night celebrating with a good show and a long rest.

I will take the time out to give glory and praise to my savior Jesus Christ for reminding me with his awesome words that I can do anything in him because he supplies and gives me all the strength I need. He has reminded me of who I am in him. I am capable of doing everything with excellence. There is a little more back ground story to this; so I will post it in another post to keep this one short.

Other highlights of the day:

  • Walking in the rain
  • Wearing my favorite shirt
  • Listening to a song that reminded me of God’s love
  • Eating chocolate with peanut butter and chocolate covered almonds.
  • Reaching a goal that has helped me understand a little of my potential in Christ.



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