Marking Territory

So the last few blog posts were titled: “Silence in the Darkness”. However, today’s blog post will be a progression from that.

There is still silence in regards to some issues in my life, but I feel for the most part God has spoken. It was a comforting realization. It’s so funny how repetitious God is with his forgetful people.

Silence is one way for people to slow down and become more aware of their surroundings. I was doing too much, caring too much and needing too much from people that couldn’t give me what I needed. Daily life was distracting me from who was more important. My needs weren’t even the most important. It was like a friendly reminder that God wanted to show me more about his character. Forget life, forget the daily needs like food, clothing, shelter etc. My Spirit was lacking in that I wasn’t seeking God like I needed to.

Distractions are everywhere. Laziness knocks at our door. Negativity drains us. If we do not follow God, these things will reek havoc on our quality of life, on our quality time with God and our spiritual progression.

So now, I am called to open my mouth and speak. Not to my peers but to God. Now is the time to tell him exactly how I feel, what I need and how much I trust in him. Now is the time to remind Satan who I serve. Now is the time to experience my salvation on a whole new level forgetting past hurts, limitations etc.

Now is the time God is revealing himself to me, what he expects of me and a future that will blow minds.

Despite how badly I want a normal life, I know that a life in Christ will be far from normal. I can feel that each trial and test is strengthening my faith and building my character. I had made it out alive from one storm. I didn’t come out without scars but I am alive and I see visible muscles.

Either way, now is the time to mark boundaries, chase after the creator and allow him to direct my life. There is still a level of calm, quiet and uncertainty but that’s OK.


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