Playing Catch-Up

I know for the last few weeks I haven’t posted any Joys of the day.

Here is a quick recap of the previous weeks:

  • Finally went to a much needed doctors appointment. -Received great news. 
  • Wrote a series of poems after a creative drought.
  • Lost 1 pound since starting new workout regimen.
  • Loving how healthy and beautiful my hair is.
  • Had a comforting and inspiring chat with an older and wiser Christian Friend.
  • Made amends with some people in my life. YAY
  • Felt the Joy in Prayer and closeness to God.
  • Found something I had lost.
  • Woke up with the Sun.
  • Made delicious meals and enjoyed them.
  • Heard great news in regards to a prayer request. God is so good!

Before I started this blog it was hard to find Joy in the everyday, but there are blessings and joy in the smallest things. Now I can hold each little memory in my heart.

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