Monthly Archives: April 2013

I Appreciate The Love of You…

  • After reading a couple bible verses I enjoyed good, peaceful sleep-Best sleeping aid. 
  • Received good news!
  • Made delicious food.- Bought wonton wrappers that were on sale. Sales are always good.
  • I’m officially 2 pounds lighter.
  • Had a good convo with a family member.
  • For the last few days, I’ve been reflecting on the goodness and mercy of God. Even when I fail, God still loves me. Even if my whole family deserted me, God’s love is enough. Even when I’m afraid, God is my protection.

God you are my life. You are amazing. Thank you for your joy and peace. Thank you for my everyday blessings.

” I appreciate the love of you; that cares for me, so kind and true. And if I have to cry, you’re always there. I appreciate you Lord.” ~ Song: I appreciate by Joann Rosario. 

Let’s Cling To Hope…

As I walk through my neighborhood, I couldn’t help but notice the mindset of the people here.

Most people have a sense of entitlement when they dealt with each other, but when it pertains to things like the quality of their food supply or the beauty of their street corners, they accept whatever they get.

Men and women that lack any sense of self respect. They live for each other: being wanted and needed but not necessarily the right way.

A “me, myself, and I” world but deep inside their actions are controlled by a need to be accepted.

They lash out with violence, sex, and all kinds of immorality. When I walk outside, I envision a spiritual war zone. Well, I could feel it. These last days, my emotional and spiritual senses have increased. Never pray for something you are not willing to endure.

As I began to see the world around me, my own nature started to take form. The way I react to certain situations and people.

Ignoring a situation won’t make it go away. Getting upset won’t change it either. Somethings with effort might never change, but then where does change start anyway?

The more I think about it, the more I realize that in many ways some of us are a pawn in a larger show.

Who are these pawns? The evil people. People who do not know God and forfeited their lives. They do not walk with God, therefore they do not have life. They walk around boastful, hateful, selfish. They believe that their actions are justified with no remorse. They hurt people and it fills their happy meter. Yes, there are people in this world that are evil. They do not have to kill a person physically to be evil. Anything outside of God is evil.

This is what I also noticed.

Evil people are pawns. Look at Satan, he’s a pawn. Every evil act these people do will build up the church. When Christians are persecuted, they cling and find hope in God. They no longer trust in their own feeble strength. If it wasn’t for my own personal persecution, I know exactly what kind of person I would be.

However, as evil as some people are, God still loves them. Hard to understand right? Well, here’s the thing: We were all once evil and every one of us still have a sinful nature.

God brought us out of the world of sin and into the world of grace. It is this grace that we can be made into the image of God: sanctified, holy, and full of grace.

The world is a dark and evil place. The evil comes from humans themselves. Humans are NOT good. We don’t just have goodness spilling out from us.

I remember fearing what people could do. I also remember when my trust in God’s power and protection was restored, fear left.

Humans live in fear. They fear loss, death, and separation. God said that he will never leave us. He said that he will supply all our needs and he said that Jesus has conquered death and we now have eternal life in him.

When I get too caught up in the pains of life, I forget who I’ve become. I forget who God says I am. We must not forget. We must not let darkness touch our soul again. We must chase after God with a desperation. This desperate need to be saved from our filthy desires. We cannot overcome our sin if we forget who God is.