Monthly Archives: May 2013

Exam Day and Priorities.

Read something awesome about examining oneself with the word of God.

Also had an email conversation with a good friend of mine. We both acknowledged that we were far off from putting God first either :

1.We were caught up with life and our duties.

2. Sin- laziness and not putting up a defense can erode our conscience.

3. Other so called Neutral distractions that could lead to sin someday.

Either way, whatever reason it may be, there is one thing I am confident in. My God loves me and would never let me fall without a warning. Once we recognize and identify what the problem is, we are to place it before God and ask him to forgive us of the offense. Our loving God will then forgive and renew us as we promise.

I find it liberating that both my friend and I knew something was off and wanted to seek God for restoration and balance.

Never cease from seeking God. Never cease from wanting to make him priority!

Sticks and Stones…

You know the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? To some extent this is really true and at other times it’s not.

Words hurt. Lives have been crushed by words. People have died over words. We must always strive to be uplifting with what we say and encourage those we meet.

However, it is also our own personal duty to build tough skin. We shouldn’t let everything and anything get to us to the point where it destroys us. Know who you are. Know when something is said in loving correction or criticism. I don’t listen to criticism. If someone has nothing nice to say about me ever, their words mean nothing to me. It’s those that love me that I listen to. Their words hold weight. I know they correct me because they love me.

That’s how it should be. It’s what I learned while living on this evil planet for as long as I have.

You Are Known By Your Fruit…

I always hear people say  ” You are a Christian aren’t you suppose to be loving?”  While this is true, those making this statement go to great lengths retaliating out of anger. If you know how a Christian should act and think you know better, why not show it?

I think it’s best to correct in love. We are ALL HUMANS. We make mistakes. It takes mature people to move past hurts and slights and come together in love and friendship. We might not always act in a loving way but A kind word turns away wrath Proverbs 15:1.  So we are ALL responsible for maturity.

There is a big responsibility within the Body of Christ to be loving, forgiving and true to the Gospel of Christ. We have much more at stake and should focus our attention on the Kingdom of Righteousness than a silly little argument or disagreement.

However, not everyone is easy to live with. When you have exhausted yourself, you are at leeway to escape. Yes, escape. Rather save yourself the frustration and the pain. You can’t fix anyone-that’s God’s job.

Christ commanded us to lose ourselves to gain everything. What do we gain? Not only do we gain Salvation and eternal life but also the Fruits of the Holy Spirit: love joy peace patience kindness and faithfulness.

The world is looking at us. We claim we know the truth so we must show it. I know for a fact that most people claiming to be Christians are not. Tradition doesn’t make you a follower of Christ. A personal relationship with Christ does. Total surrender does. We will be known by our fruits.

God help me to be that woman. A woman of fruit.