Exam Day and Priorities.

Read something awesome about examining oneself with the word of God.

Also had an email conversation with a good friend of mine. We both acknowledged that we were far off from putting God first either :

1.We were caught up with life and our duties.

2. Sin- laziness and not putting up a defense can erode our conscience.

3. Other so called Neutral distractions that could lead to sin someday.

Either way, whatever reason it may be, there is one thing I am confident in. My God loves me and would never let me fall without a warning. Once we recognize and identify what the problem is, we are to place it before God and ask him to forgive us of the offense. Our loving God will then forgive and renew us as we promise.

I find it liberating that both my friend and I knew something was off and wanted to seek God for restoration and balance.

Never cease from seeking God. Never cease from wanting to make him priority!

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