Yearly Reflection

The scariest thing is when I feel lonely, like today. Consider the fact that I love my own company and I love solitude, but tomorrow marks a special day for me. Not only because it’s my birthday,but around this time I was given really horrible news that changed my future. God brought me through one of the hardest times in my life. I didn’t know whether I would live and I was unsure of the future. There was a strength of faith that God had given me to get through the worst end of last year. I was baptized that same year. It was a month before my birthday. A month before everything changed.

Today, I am alive and getting better. The road to recovery is slow and tedious but I am more certain of why I am here. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new life. Granted that I see tomorrow, it will mean the start of something awesome. I dedicate my birthday to God. It’s symbolic of me giving my life back to him. It’s not enough to repay him but I can live out his praises for the rest of me life. Whenever life beats me up, or I fail miserably I’ll read this and remember what my goal is, what life means and where I truly belong. Nothing matters, not even that simple silly feeling of loneliness. I know truly that I am not and despite all that is opposing me from celebrating tomorrow ( from people to a sprained ankle) I know that I’ll be happy.

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