Holiness: Celebrating our Uniqueness in Christ.

From the moment we give our life to Christ and make him Lord of our lives, we are marked and every demon is on the attack. I knew this, but there were so many times when I was complacent because I couldn’t see demons or the kingdom of darkness.

Not to mention when one becomes complacent in their walk with God, Satan makes every opportunity to use our weakness to turn against God. We are naturally weak and defenseless against the attacks of Satan. It is only through Christ that we have power.

Over the course of a year or so, I was constantly hearing in my spirit to be still and  silent. God will move but you must be silent.  Did I listen? Nope. I found it necessary to speak  because it’s natural to defend. What do I have to prove? What can I do in my own strength to change anyone or their opinions of me? How is that going to make me feel better?

As a child my way of surviving was to stand up for myself and prove how strong I was. To this day, I struggle with that mindset. The biblical way to stand up to a bully is through love, submission and if all doesn’t work, removing oneself silently to avoid conflict. Too often I forget that this struggle is not with people but with the devil himself.

Too often the devil will use whatever means to get us to feel unworthy of God’s love, unable to act in God’s love, and to run away in defeat.  Too often the feeling of loneliness, not fitting in, being persecuted in various ways will wear us down when we lose sight of Christ.

Some of us respond by withdrawing, others in depression, some by backsliding in order to fit in ,  even others compromise to avoid conflict. I can personally say I’ve done all of those things. None of them fixed the problem. The feeling of emptiness is consuming. It’s an endless cycle of defeat. It’s only when I fall on my face and just worship Christ that I find purpose, healing and peace. Our whole lives are to be spent in worship. From the time we wake up to the time we sleep. From our choices, our group of friends, what we discuss, what we listen to, how we dress and how we react.

I realize now that this is not about winning, this isn’t about proving, this isn’t about perfection, it’s not about works but faith. Faith displayed in praise. My prayer for those reading is to continue walking in Christ, do not give up on praise. Do not give up on worship. Fight with the means of the Word of God, Prayer and spending time with God. Pray always. Never cease. Pray for each other as Paul commanded in his letters.

When you are lost and don’t know what to do, stand still. When you are being pushed to the limit, keep silent. When you feel hopeless keep singing. When you are sad look to the gospel. Don’t wait until something horrible happens to slap you into shape. But know that if that correction comes, it is for your own good.

You hear so often that “she was a good person” and ” he would do anything for anyone”, therefore, they must be with God. On the contrary, it is only those that trust and believe in Christ will be with him. We are different and unique not because of how good we are but because of how good He is, because of how righteous and holy and merciful he is. Simply because he is God.

So let’s celebrate.

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