Finding Joy in Forgiveness/Letting Go.

Let me start of by saying that this is not a post about how to forgive. I’m simply sharing how holding on to ill feelings or hurt can sap our joy, productivity and blind our eyes to happiness in life.

In every way possible we must learn to experience our feelings in healthy ways. This does not mean to embody the negativity that a feeling can possess, but rather, allow ourselves to understand why we feel that way, present it to God and then leave it in his hands.

Sometimes we think even the smallest thing isn’t worth dealing with but pushing aside something we think is small or unimportant can later become a thorn under our skin. An annoying thorn that needs a doctor to remove. Even worse, it can become infected.

That’s how far I let things go. You know, when you let something fester behind the scenes for so long that you start noticing little things about yourself that doesn’t seem right. It’s that little infection screaming for attention. It’s not screaming for attention to be removed but it wants to be exalted over everything in your life, especially God.

Emotional trauma is one of the ways Satan and sin enters our lives. ( Oh no she didn’t just mention Satan. Yes folks, he’s real.)

To make a potentially long post short, God is big enough to cover everything from huge life struggles to small slight hurts from the past. We might be stubborn and say, ” well, I can just forget about it on my own” but honestly, we can’t. It’s a dangerous this to let something brood under the shadows for so long. I’m challenging myself to identify, feel, and confess all my pain to the greatest Father ever. I know with all my heart that he can help me once I stop being so stubborn and proud.


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