A New Beginning/Answered Prayer.

I didn’t expect that God would answer my prayers so swiftly but it came in the form of a man. He came to me with a message that was meant to set my heart free.

I didn’t expect God to surprise me, turn my world upside down and put me on my head, blood rushing to my brain. I didn’t expect it to feel so good but hurt so much at the same time. I didn’t think such a time for introspection was needed. I thought i was headed in the right direction. Well, as I mentioned in my previous blog posts, something bigger than me was unfolding in front of me. Questions I’ve never thought i’d care about were bombarding my thoughts. For so long I didn’t realize i was running from my own fears. As soon as I opened my heart to speak God came swiftly with an answer. However, it came in the least likely way. At first, I was in doubt. I couldn’t believe it.

It amazes me how much God loves us. He doesn’t leave us hanging and has perfect timing. He was preparing me for this time. Change doesn’t happen over night but I know for a fact that he’s caught my attention.

To completely surrender brings true freedom. Easier said than done right? Well, maybe. But surrendering means just that: stop resisting. I suppose i’m a natural fighter? Or maybe a natural runner ( lol).  Either way, my point is this: God can bless us while teaching us a lesson. Surrender to him. It’s to draw us closer to him. Pay attention to all the cues and signs that God gives us when he is about to do something in our lives. Had I paid more attention, i’d be better prepared.

While on the path of righteousness, God will stop us dead in our tracks-knowing it’s time for the next level. He will prepare us for the pain and the labor, but if we miss it, we will flap around like fish out of water. Nothing in this life is perfect. Nothing is guaranteed to be pain free.

I’ve learned a lesson about true friendship and even love : Being defensive keeps us away from love. When we are so caught up in protecting ourselves we are incapable of expressing love. We become selfish. My relationships are changing. I am beginning to see the beauty in everything around me. There is a sense of freedom that I haven’t truly experienced before. I will continue to learn as God continues to remove the thick walls around my heart.

There is Joy in every painful experience. There is peace in every new beginning.

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