Don’t Be A Know-It-All.

It is way too easy to become a know-it-all. Sometimes we can get so caught up in proving that our way is right that we forget that we don’t always know everything. Hey, we might even be right but that’s not the point. The point is expressing your views with love and care but also knowing when to walk away.

Sometimes we need to step back and let everything  speak for itself. I found joy in the realization that showing concern and love for someone was way better than proving my point. . I realized that it’s not always beneficial to prove a point or feel as if I know what is right or wrong.

What makes a know-it-all automatically wrong is their attitude and intention. Why are you expressing your viewpoint? Is it because you feel as if you are a veteran so you know more, or maybe it’s because this person is just too stupid to know better? ( I hope that’s not what you’re thinking). Are you emotionally attached to the topic at hand?

What it boils down to is this: in everything we say, say it with love. Love is all that matters. We are not required to change a person, or make them see our way but to let them know we love them.

This is why I have a big problem with the way some people share the gospel. They shove it down people’s throats or guilt trip people into accepting grace. ( Doesn’t work that way.) Refer to John 3:16-18.

This is also why I had to take a step back and reflect on my own behavior. Most of the time I do it because i’m concerned but when it comes to love, it’s really NOT love unless it’s shared and OPENLY expressed. No one can read minds or really see a person’s true intent. So make sure that your intentions are known and displayed.

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