The Art of Projection…

Have you ever met someone who is a master of projection? This person will find every way to put their flaws, insecurities and fears on you. Most of the time they will catch you off guard with an underhanded statement. Their words aren’t meant to lift you up but as a way to make them feel better about themselves. In the end, it can leave you confused, hurt and in most cases internalizing.

Something just clicked inside of my head as this was happening to me. I took the time to explain and defend myself in a rational and mature way and then proceeded end the conversation. This persons chuckle and defense was a clear sign that it was meant to make me feel bad but ending the conversation quickly was a good way for me to gather my thoughts.


What this person accused me of was exactly something they struggle with. I had to step back and realize that this was their “passive aggressive” way at comforting themselves. Their comment was out of context, unnecessary and hurtful.  This person also has the habit of putting themselves down and I’ve spent countless times encouraging and counter balancing their negativity. However, I’ve decided to come up with a new approach and that is not to let anyone’s negativity bring me down. I have my own flaws that I know about and working on but I won’t allow other people to project or throw their problems onto me.

Be very mindful to not internalize the random and insensitive comments that people WILL throw at you. Also, PRAY for them, that God will reveal to them exactly what they do. Sometimes people are blind to their own behavior but it isn’t always our job to point it out. Let God show you when you speak and when to keep silent.

At the end of the day, we are all works in progress and if we are diligent to seek God, he is faithful to restore us.


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