Random Love.

Never be a martyr or a people pleaser. Someone who makes the people around you comfortable before you are even comfortable. You will become a target for various kinds of people simply because you have no boundaries. Like I mentioned before in another post, those that love you will not exhaust you. They won’t use or deplete you. As you invest in them, they will invest in you. Be mindful of their words and actions. Be sure that they line up.

Don’t put too much emotion or trust in those who do not even give you an explanation or make any effort in helping you understand what they want. Communication is the foundation to every healthy relationship. Someone that loves you would WANT to communicate and come to a conclusion.

In our world, love is scarce. It’s not something human beings naturally have. Parents are usually love-less and then those traits are passed down to their children. It takes just one person open and willing to learn and acquire love to change their environment. Before we can change our world we must allow God to change us first. We need to take the time to grow in love. Growing in love is painful. We start seeing our flaws. We begin to see the flaws in others. We begin to see what doesn’t work. We begin to feel. However, there is a flip side. We also begin to see our own transformations. We learn how to interact with others or when not to interact with others. We stop caring so much about the silly things and start investing in meaningful things. We learn how to celebrate others. We learn how to keep our dignity. We become people of integrity.

We are all imperfect but once we start seeking change, it will come. I’m learning to accept that some of us are learning and some of us will always be in a rut. Surround yourself with people who are learning. Help those who are learning. And yes, remove the rut dwellers. Maybe or may not they will find that spark that will ignite their passion for learning. If not, that is their own problem to fix. Accept that only God can change people, NOT US. We are only called to understand.

Love starts from the inside out. God said, love your neighbor AS yourself. Not more or less. Most of all love God with everything we have. Without that, we won’t even know where to start on our quest towards love.

Forgive yourself and others. Seek God for ultimate forgiveness. Always remind yourself of who you are and who you will become.

Be joyful always!

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