Joy In Surrender through Faith in Christ

I am like the Israelites, always forgetting who God is and who I am in Christ. There are times I get so caught up in my own ways that I start to turn away from the Bible. The Bible holds all the answers to this life. It points us to Christ and the struggles of his people throughout their lives. 


It’s beautiful and humbling how God never leaves me. He watches over me patiently while I slip up and trip up and run away. He will gently call out to me and I’ll glance over and he’ll wait. Then one day I’ll come running back and he’ll embrace me lovingly.  

I will always cherish the love my God has shown me throughout my life. I find joy in his never ending mercy. I find joy in his gentleness. He has always been gentle and kind to me, a very contrasting difference with the way I’ve been treated by most people in my life. He shows me exactly what love looks like. 

I’ve noticed a pattern within the last 10 years of my life and decided I needed to put an end to it. All it takes to break a pattern is to surrender. Surrendering your mind, heart, and soul to God. Letting him do his work is hard for someone who struggles with pride and is a self proclaimed busy body. 

Anyways, finding joy in surrender. Knowing all my burdens are lifted and it’s by my faith that I’m whole. Praise God!

Much Love.



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