Monthly Archives: April 2015

Finding Joy In Seperation

I am throwing down the plans for my own life. There has been a great conviction since the beginning to obey. And so finally after 5 months, I obeyed.

My heart is heavy. I am holding back tears. I thought that every time we do something for God we should experience joy and a fiery passion but right now I’m feeling pain and sorrow. I feel like I’ve lost something precious to me.

The pastor on Friday confirmed what I had prayed about. It was an indirect message but I felt it deep in my heart. That we shouldn’t cling to anything in this life. No matter how good it may seem, whether it’s a job , a person or a situation, If God says no, it means no.

I’ve always wanted to be obedient. However, my prayer for today is to accept God’s leading with joy, not sorrow.

If there is to be peace, Let it start with me.

It is not righteous or godly to hate someone because you are a victim. The cycle of hate starts with hurt/pain. A broken heart is something we will all deal with at one point in our lives but we must confess everything to God. The Bible constantly reminds us that he will help us through everything. This also means helping us through pain and disappointment; through hurt. When someone hurts you, pray for them. Not only so that God will help them to see, but for you to grow in love.

I’ve tried so many times not to hate but even complaining about someone is enough to plant a seed of bitterness in my heart. My prayer today is to love my Neighbor, love those that hurt┬áme as I love myself. AND, if I do not know how to love myself ( which is the case most of the time with most of us) to ask God to show me what love looks like. Ask him for everything even things that might seem trivial. When God requires something from me and I don’t understand, I ask him to show me how. He is always ensuring that I know exactly what I need to do. ­čÖé When he says he loves us, He means it.

I love you Jesus

Continue to do your work in my life. Nothing is in vain. My struggles, the lessons learned, the pain,this blog. And through it all You are showing me exactly who you are and how great you are!

Thank you for calling me your daughter! Thank you for loving me! I will cling to you!  The proof of my salvation is the love and protection you shower over me. Knowing that the devil can only do so much before papa God comes to the rescue!

To those reading this, I pray that God will renew your faith, give you joy which is your strength so that you too may continue to press forward! Life is hard but God is BIGGER THAN IT ALL!

Trust in him and he will work on your behalf! Jesus loves you!

Moving Beyond Yourself

I had to take a moment and thank God for everything he has done for me. For protecting me, guiding me and helping me along. However, I wanted to say more than that. I wanted to experience more than that. Those things are wonderful but I want to move beyond what I have now and see the heart of God. I want to see him beyond what I see now. I want to move beyond my world, my very small and limited world and see the world through God’s eyes. I want to see things the way God does. I want to talk to God in a way that is greater than I have today. I want to move beyond my troubles, beyond my circumstances and just see God. No distractions. When you take a moment to give God all your fears and cares it truly means freeing yourself of those burdens so you can truly concentrate and focus on him only. I know he will take care of me. And forgiveness is important. When you don’t forgive you are holding yourself back. That’s why God commands us to love each other. Just forgive. Ask God to help you to forgive.

Right now, my place is in the arms of God. I can’t expect to be a blessing to anyone else if I don’t have a solid relationship with him first.