If there is to be peace, Let it start with me.

It is not righteous or godly to hate someone because you are a victim. The cycle of hate starts with hurt/pain. A broken heart is something we will all deal with at one point in our lives but we must confess everything to God. The Bible constantly reminds us that he will help us through everything. This also means helping us through pain and disappointment; through hurt. When someone hurts you, pray for them. Not only so that God will help them to see, but for you to grow in love.

I’ve tried so many times not to hate but even complaining about someone is enough to plant a seed of bitterness in my heart. My prayer today is to love my Neighbor, love those that hurt me as I love myself. AND, if I do not know how to love myself ( which is the case most of the time with most of us) to ask God to show me what love looks like. Ask him for everything even things that might seem trivial. When God requires something from me and I don’t understand, I ask him to show me how. He is always ensuring that I know exactly what I need to do. 🙂 When he says he loves us, He means it.

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