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The Body Is The Temple Of The HOLY SPIRIT.

This will be the first out of two posts about my weight. The reason  I am limiting the amount of posts is because it can easily become a whining session full of bitterness, confusion and defeat. However, I just wanted to share something I’ve learned

It is common knowledge that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. If you believe in Jesus Christ you basically have God living inside of you. As a christian our walk with God is not just spiritual but physical and mental too. We need God to help change our attitudes. The way we see ourselves and others. The way we see him needs to change as well. There is always constant growth, or should be. A part of this process comes from throwing down idols. We throw down idols through confession. Specific confession followed by removing said idol. For example: food and body image or your past of being bullied because of your weight. I had a wake up call. God is showing me that I am sensitive in this area. I keep lying to myself thinking I’m strong and nothing affects me but it does. Words hurt. Being mistreated for wanting good things in your life is confusing. So in subconscious ways I sell myself short for comfort. I deep down don’t want to be hated. I don’t like the sly comments or the harsh words. But at the same time selling myself short is affecting my relationship with God. I  am not treating myself correctly. I am not allowing God to be honored by how I treat myself. We are all worthy of love. Not because of what we have done or have to contribute but because we all are created in the image of God. When we lose our identity we become ineffective. We cannot do the will of God because we won’t have the confidence to seek him for it. We also open ourselves up to sin because of a lack of self disciple and boundaries. Its a form of self hate. A reflection of how we see ourselves. And how can we truly love our neighbor if we don’t love ourselves. We must first seek God with all we are and patiently wait as he molds us and removes all the baggage.

This is my current place. And at this point in Time I’m feeling the need to introspect. Not with my own eyes but through God’s eyes. He knows where to look and how to perceive. He knows exactly how to fix and enhance. He knows how to eraticate and heal.

No more dishonoring and abusing this temple of the Holy Spirit.

Back From Hiatus

I want to apologize for taking such a long break but at the same time, writers need time to recharge their batteries and find new inspiration.

God has been dealing with me within the last couple months and even though my circumstances have changed slightly, my spirit has changed dramatically.

Sin is becoming easier to look in the eye. I’ve been struggling with certain sins for many years and finally I am seeing things in a different light. Surrendering isn’t just feeling guilty, its changing ones views on sin and the specific sin in question. And not just one sin but laying down ALL known sin and asking God to reveal hidden ones.

I’m going through a tough time in the sense that God is taking over my life and I’m called to do something so unnatural to my character. It’s okay though. I know that he knows what is best for me and I honestly want to honor him with my life.

As for the future of this blog, well, the original purpose of this blog was to journal my journey towards healing and recording my experiences with God. However , I had a startling dream where God was pushing me to seek him directly and not through  my experiences.

There are things I’m afraid of and that is believing a farce. I dislike being lied to. I don’t want to expect something I’m not certain about. I don’t have the gift of faith. But I feel I’m being pushed to believe that God can do miracles even for me.

When you completely surrender, God will take you to places in your heart that is hardened and will try to soften and kneed them into the image he wants to create. We are being molded and crafted and for each of us its personal. No two people have the same walk. So I can’t always go running for advice. There will be tines when I must have faith and believe.

I am praying for faith in the impossible because I serve a big God who can do anything and everything. I pray you have faith as well for whatever God is doing in your life today.