Happy Indepenence Day

Today was a pretty busy day for me. While most people were out celebrating Independence day, I went out to buy groceries. I spent a couple minutes writing out a list only to realize I had forgotten it once I was almost halfway there. I decided to whisper a prayer and hope my memory wouldn’t fail me. I had a $20 budget and needed the food to last me for atleast a few days.

I bought almost everything I needed but for the things I couldn’t get,  I had to come up with a few substitutions.

I wanted cabbage salad with dressing but couldn’t get the dressing so I opt to mixing the red cabbage into the rice.  I mixed brown rice with jasmine rice for extra nutrition and portioned it out for 4 servings. I spent time researching what a serving was for cooked and uncooked. I added tumeric for added nutrition and a bit of onion for flavor. I followed this pattern for the rest of my meals: tuna spread, baked lemon chicken, turkey patties, whole wheat and white pasta blend, and my new favorite: beet and squash pasta sauce. Because I’m back to working out regularly, I’m learning to enjoy protien from non meat sources like tuna, eggs and peanut butter.

When I eat protien, fiber and carbs with every meal it curbs my cravings. Low carb diets don’t work for me because I need the energy.  I’m learning to appreciate food and the wonderful variety available.  Food is not to be feared or hated. Food isn’t the reason we are overweight or underweight. Food won’t make us ugly or beautiful. Food won’t increase or decrease our self worth. We are in control over what goes into  our mouths. Food does not define who we are. Food is for energy. Food is medicine. Food is norishment. It is not a source of comfort and should not take God’s place. I decided to take control and do my research. Learn about nutrition and how food is used as energy so I can be and feel my best throughout the day. My life is not centered around fear. I don’t fear a low budget or if something will make me gain weight. A piece of bread will not make you gain weight! It took me this long to get it but I’m glad that God has opened my eyes to my poor relationship with food!

So this Independence Day I thank the LORD for the emancipation of my mind. I’m no longer a slave to lack or fear.

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