I Just Need Jesus

I don’t find peace and joy in promises. I find the courage to live when i think about salvation. The greatness of his sacrifice for my soul. Whether or not my situation in life improves i have faith that my God is here with me and I’m not alone. Whether i live until I’m 100, or I die tomrrow. Whether I am sick or healed. No matter what I know that my spirit is with the LORD.  As the song says : His grace is sufficent for me. Stop selling me a false dream. Stop trying to get me to believe in things that are temporary and can leave as quickly as they came. Just give me Jesus! Just give me you! The strength to live for you in struggle and in comfort. Because comfort can be a snare.  It can distract you and cause you to lose sight of the savior. Just give me Jesus. His spirit gives comfort when I can’t comfort myself. He gives me courage and strength when I’m weak and afraid. That when I’m troubled by life circumstances I hold on to my faith.  Not promises of something better because it might not ever get better. That’s reality. So please don’t give me a feel good gospel. Just give me Jesus.

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