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Obedience is Better than Sacrifice

Sometimes I have to remind myself who I am and who God is! Everything I do should be for God’s glory. Wisdom comes from God, my skills and talents and gifts comes from HIM .


I’ve reached a place in my life where “obedience is better than sacrifice” rings  true. Just because I do something considered right or good doesn’t mean it’s what God wanted for a specific situation. Honestly I believe and hold it in my heart, that God still talks to us today just like he did with those in biblical times. Why are we so reliant on our own personal understanding? God is personally here with us! His word is the standard we base everything on BUT what about our daily life choices? Is God just leaving us to interpret the scriptures and apply biblical prophecies where ever we see fit? No, the bible promises that we will know his voice, those that truly walk with HIM.


How many times I could have chosen to do something because it seemed right but not what God wanted for me at the time! Obedience is better than sacrifice and everything we do should give glory to God.

My prayer is that I become ever the more sensitive to the voice of God and his direction. That I will not depend on my own reasoning but wait on HIM! To God be all the glory now and forever!


But Samuel replied, “What is more pleasing to the LORD: your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to his voice? Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better than offering the fat of rams.

1 Samuel 15:22 NLT

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus

Did you know that worship is more than just singing in church or at home?

I am still learning about worship and worship does involve music and dance and verbal praises to the Lord but there are times where I’m too tired to sing or dance. There are some days I am too sad to even lift up my eyes with gladness but in those bleak moments where I cannot do more than be alive, in my heart I am hoping and waiting and trusting in the Lord.  Every day I choose to serve him and honor him with my life. Lately, I’ve been declaring out loud that I choose to serve the Lord. I choose to acknowledge him. I choose to put on the invisible cloak of praise.  You might not always hear me say something but in my mind and heart I made a decision to follow Jesus. I made up my mind! There is no turning back.  In my heart I know he is faithful. I may not have an outward praise but my heart is fixed on the promises of God.

Outward worship has it’s place but let’s never forget the praises of the silent observer, the sick, or mute.


Our Walk With God is More Than a Set of Rituals.

So many times we are guilt tripped into reading the bible and praying. It should not be a chore or a ritual but a desire to be with God. The bible doesn’t do much for the unbeliever or those with a hardened heart, so it has no mystical power. It is a life manual, a history book, a biography or a series of stories that all point to Christ and his gospel message of repentance and forgiveness. It is a book of promises for those that believe. The bible in itself and the act of reading it means nothing if it’s not changing the heart and renewing the mind.

Sometimes it becomes a burden to open the bible or pray but honestly that’s only because we make it a chore and a ritual to be done or else we are no longer children of God. False lies of satan. We are saved by Grace, the grace of God. In God, our burdens are made light. This is one of them. Serve God with joy!