Our Walk With God is More Than a Set of Rituals.

So many times we are guilt tripped into reading the bible and praying. It should not be a chore or a ritual but a desire to be with God. The bible doesn’t do much for the unbeliever or those with a hardened heart, so it has no mystical power. It is a life manual, a history book, a biography or a series of stories that all point to Christ and his gospel message of repentance and forgiveness. It is a book of promises for those that believe. The bible in itself and the act of reading it means nothing if it’s not changing the heart and renewing the mind.

Sometimes it becomes a burden to open the bible or pray but honestly that’s only because we make it a chore and a ritual to be done or else we are no longer children of God. False lies of satan. We are saved by Grace, the grace of God. In God, our burdens are made light. This is one of them. Serve God with joy!

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