God With US

The number 23 holds significance in my life at this present time.

I recieved money to take care of an important task for the week. It was exactly 23 dollars and I also had some spare change which covered everything I needed. 15 is also significant because I had hoped the bill would be no more than 15 and without me counting or making an effort, it came up to exactly 15 on the dot. So, after spending that money, the next day as I was preparing for church, I counted all my money and found extra in the deep folds of my purse. The total amount equaled to 23. The same exact I was given. I was amazed and thanked God. However, I couldnt forget about the number 23.

According to amazingword.blogspot.com, the biblical meaning of 23 means “God with us.”

The more I thanked God for his provision in my life big or small, the more I knew and trusted that he was taking care of me. I knew God was with me in every area of my life. I had no worries, he covers all my needs so I can focus on serving HIM.

I also looked up the number 15 and according to biblestudy.org, the number 15 means rest that comes after deliverance symbolized by the number 14. While the Lord told me to rest all of last year, that day was a sign or a confirmation that my deliverance and freedom to find rest in Christ was near. That rest covered my need to worry if I had enough to pay for what I needed. Spiritually, God’s rest means I can trust and be at peace knowing that he has more than enough to meet my needs!

God is always talking to us in many different ways. Staying true to the original purpose of this blog, this experience is like the quiet small whisper, the unexpected sign of God’s love and mercy in my life.



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