DIY Skin Care

This will be the first of many DIY projects to come. I have always loved DIY shows and projects but never gotten around to sharing them with everyone.


This one is simple and for those with sensitive skin that is prone to sun damage and hyperpigmentation even in the winter months. The sweet almond oil should be a natural sun protection for those like me who are allergic to most sunscreen. And yes, sunscreen is way too expensive!

Aloe Vera provides hydration and rejuvinates the skin.  It even has a soothing effect when left on skin and not washed off. For sensitive skin this is great to calm an irritation or even prevent one.

Also, be mindful of the products you put in your hair as they may seep into your skin and irritate your face.


Baking soda
Aloe vera gel
Castor oil
Olive oil

Mix together and store in a container.

Play around with the amount you need for each. I used more aloe vera and baking soda for a moisturizing exfolliator. Don’t scrub too hard and allow it to sit on your face for a minute or less. Rinse completely.


Sweet almond oil
Olive oil
Aloe vera gel

A little goes a long way.
Please dry your face off before using because it’s more liquid than oil and you want it to penetrate the skin, not slide or drip off.





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