Unity In Christ Through Communication

I was spending time reading about the stories of the Old Testament and also reflecting on the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life.

The old tale of the tower of Babel and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues are linked in an interesting way. The people during the time of the Tower, where selfish, prideful and full of wickedness. They had set out to build a tower to reach heaven for very evil reasons. In unity they pursued evil and in response, God confused their language and they separated.

In the New Testament, the baptism of the Holy Spirit brought unity. The truth is, language is not something we humans made up. According to the bible, people spoke one language until God brought various languages into existence in order to halt their evil plans. When the disciples spoke in tongues, every nation and tongue represented there understood what the Spirit was saying in their own language.


In the beginning there were no Jew and Gentile as all humans came out of Adam and Eve. Over time, God allowed the division to keep holy people from defiling themselves with sin and for the Jews to serve as an example of righteousness. God’s pure and true intention was for the unity of humanity through his Spirit, through love. God did not forget gentiles. God does not care about the differences we so care about in this world. The Holy Spirit is bringing unity between God and man and man with each other.

There is nothing mystical about speaking in tongues. God is simply reflecting his true intentions through the Body Of Christ. Every nation, tribe, poor or rich, old and young has a place in the Body of Christ. And God is in the business of calling us back to the days of the Garden of Eden. The day of rest and righteousness. A day of relationship.

I have always had a fascination and love for language and the beautiful sounds of communication, especially on paper. But my love for it has taken a wonderful turn. Where the world wanted to deny the power of God, I embrace that all knowledge comes from him. We don’t just make up things, create inventions and then say it is us. All knowledge comes from him and it is right to give credit where it is due.



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