Lesson of the week

I learned a lesson recently and want to share it with everyone.


Last week friday I had my last two wisdom teeth removed. The surgery was mostly painless and I actually was asleep for most of the procedure. The previous one in Novemeber of last year was difficult. I spent a week stressing and googling every article I could find and I woke up during surgery from excruciating jaw pain while they were sawing away. Recovery wasn’t too bad though. However, this time around I’m not too sure. I prayed to God for mercy and help. I heard that my surgery would be ok and I’ll recover faster than last time. I was also warned to protect my emotions because I’ll be feeling really low and sad this week.

After surgery, the whole week I felt tired, weak and sore. I wanted to stop taking the painkillers but the jaw pain was so persistent that I couldn’t sleep. I began to look up articles again.  Re-reading the same ones over and over. It didn’t make me feel any better, sometimes even more afraid. Everytime I told myself to have faith, I’ll get angry.  Past medical issues were my concern and I didn’t want another flare from the pain medication. My faith was not strong. My emotions were all over the place. I was so distraught. I felt guilty for so many things, not even using this time to relax and recover. Just a big fat mess in my mind.


Today is Friday and I have no idea what to expect for the day but what I learned was that all that stressing changed nothing! Fixed nothing, did nothing but made me feel sick! That’s not faith at all and probably turned what could’ve been a relaxing recovery week into a ball of emotions. Today is a new day, why stress? Believing means expecting, not yeah ok I’ll listen but then freak out anytime something seems to not bring me immediate comfort. On the good side I have no infection, my wound is healing well and I don’t have to go through this ever again.


Lesson learned.



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