Consistency and Motivation are the Keys to Success

According to, the word consistent means:  possessing firmness or coherence; marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity:  free from variation or contradiction; marked by agreement; showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom.

Good habits are formed through consistency or consistent behavior. We are taught certain things as children and are expected to live out those rules even into adulthood. These rules and habits build character. What we believe builds character. What and who we surround ourselves with shapes our character. As we grow older, we are responsible for who we choose to become. We should always strive towards becoming a better version of the goal we set out to reach.

There is something I want with all my heart. I’ve made excuses as to why I couldn’t do certain things that would get me to that goal. Some excuses were reasonable and some were just plain silly. But recently, I had to slow down and take responsibility for what I was feeding my spirit. You are what you feed yourself. Whether it is internalizing what others may say or feel about you until they become your own thoughts, or they were your thoughts to begin with but unhealthy ones. In order for anything to get done in this world we must be willing to take risks and believe in ourselves. Nothing gets done overnight, but consistent progress (just like the tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare story) is what will see us to the finish line.

The reason some of us give up is because we expect change in an instant. We are not willing to put in the effort or the time or the sacrifice to get there. We are more focused on the finish line than learning along the way, enjoying the journey and appreciating every day and moment spent doing that particular thing. Along the way, we will learn what is or isn’t proper and will have to tweak accordingly. Imagine getting all you want overnight. I’m quite sure none of us would appreciate what we had and we would be more than likely to continue the same mistakes that got us to where we are in the first place.

The Bible warns us constantly not to worry over things. Worrying truly gets us nowhere. It keeps us focused on the past. It limits our vision and chokes our passion. 90% of everything we strive for comes from motivation. The other 10% is the work. On the days we don’t feel like getting up, it’s motivation and a sense of duty that drives us to keep going. Don’t kill that innate sense of duty to get things done. The more you feed it (consistency) the more it will save you when there are days you would prefer to relax and waste your day watching TV.

In everything we do, we must be consistent. Be your own biggest cheerleader. Find the motivation to set forth towards reaching all your goals this year. Don’t wait until New Year’s 2017 to start, start now. Promise yourself that you will celebrate every accomplishment, learn from every mistake, keep pushing and in the end share all you know. We don’t become great people to keep it to ourselves, but to motivate others as well.

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