There Is No Such Thing As “Spot Reduction”.

Just like many fitness experts claim that we cannot spot reduce through exercise, we cannot spot reduce in the things of God.

I hear and see a lot of women strive for becoming holy and baggage free for a husband, some are chasing after health, and others are chasing after financial stability. Even in things pertaining to the spirit : like love, joy , peace, etc; these things have become a quest. As I was walking home from picking up dinner today, I realize that we cannot spot reduce; we cannot pick and choose which area in our lives we are going to fix. When we have a relationship with God, when we are truly walking with him, he deals with us as a whole person. The more I fought and sought to change myself, the harder it was. Everything we need to be like God is in Christ. It is in the package of our Lord and Savior. It is not a self-help concept. The more I worked, the more tired I became. The more tired I became, the more frustrated I was with God, myself and with people.

Everything we need is in God. It is in talking to him and being close to him. The Holy Spirit does something in us, something we cannot see or pinpoint. It is in that, that we cannot brag or boast that we have it all together! Realization of sins and shortcomings isn’t so that we search scripture, apply principles, and get out of sin. It is to fall on our knees and confess our sins to our God, who loves us and wants us to be close to him and to others. It is total dependency on God. It is total honesty and transparency. When we spot reduce, we run the high risk of becoming self-absorbed and fatigued.

I realized that my love for God was choked out by the issues of life: natural and spiritual. I was focusing on the issues, my condition and my surroundings instead of just resting in God. I told God last night, “God, I am on a quest for true peace and joy”. I knew joy was something I had to step into, “but how?”, I wondered. Well, it’s not positive thinking. It’s not even shunning negative influences or stressors. It’s honestly knowing God! It’s being in his presence. It’s seeing God as a tangible being. When I say tangible, I mean real! We must believe he is truly real. We must believe that he truly loves and hears us. We must believe that his Holy Word is true! The Bible reveals God’s character to us , so we have a foundation when we approach him in prayer. This is what Jesus came to do for us. He came to show us the Father. He came to reveal to us who God truly is and what he is capable of doing in our lives. It truly is a process and a journey but it’s a process and a journey only God can define.

My quest for peace is in a father and daughter relationship with my creator. It’s as simple and easy as that. *smile*



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