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It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this! I’m excited to share my list of what brings me joy today. Some are revelations and inspirations, which is a little different from the other posts I’ve done in the past.

  • Joy is not dependent on external circumstances.
  • Stand your ground (don’t hide) despite the misunderstandings and betrayals.
  • Joy and happiness are a daily choice just like everything else.
  • God has been speaking to me through dreams recently. At first, I was a bit hesitant to take my dreams seriously because people put a lot of stigma on dream interpretation but God is really personal with how He deals with His children. I realized that I’ll sometimes wake up with the interpretation in my heart. Lately my dreams have been a source of inspiration, correction and revelation.
  • One major revelation is that enemies and conflict challenges the protagonist to change or experience growth. I remember one dream I had and the theme was CLIMAX: the highest or most intense point in the development or resolution of something; culmination.  The conflict in my life is teaching me to relax despite the chaos, trust God and praise Him while putting Him first. I’ve also learned that God restores us to wholeness. He wants to heal not just our bodies and forgive our sins but to help us overcome all of the things that holds us back from full maturity in Christ.  He forgives everything we confess to Him and our future is not defined by our past or circumstances. We walk by faith in Him not simply hard work. We are to hold everything loosely. The believer and the sinner all go through tough and good times, but what makes the believer different is faith in God. With God and in righteousness, we have security, joy and peace.
  • This is my new value/belief system. All of us will have to have our old systems and values challenged and uprooted for godly ones! None of us were born perfect or have it all figured out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to thank all of you that took the time out to read my content, liked and commented. I appreciate you all. This blog was a way for me to find the good in the small things. To celebrate life ,joy, peace and give glory to my Father in heaven.

I would not be here today if it were not for his mercy and love. I am truly thankful for Him. Through the ups and downs of life, I learned that I can run to Christ with my imperfections and trust that His perfection will shine. I can trust in His word and that He is faithful to bring me to full maturity!

I am learning what true love looks like. I am learning about forgiveness. I am learning that God is all about restoration and wholeness. God is way too good for mere words so I pray that my life will be worship and praise to Him!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe and enjoy!


Trust God Even When It Hurts!

I realized in my anger towards God and the confusion around what He is asking me to do, that it all boils down to a lack of trust. Half submission. I want to know everything, why I’m doing it and if it will benefit me in the end. I become discouraged and frustrated when things do not go my way. I over-calculate and want everything to happen and flow exactly how I planned. Life is not that way. People cannot be controlled. Situations change. Trust requires us to be flexible with the outcome. It requires us to bend. It requires us to be obedient even if we don’t see the fruit of our labor today. We might never see it. Maybe the next generations will. Maybe my prayers for this specific person isn’t for me but for someone else. But I would be doing someone such a lovely thing , praying for someone is the best gift you can give them because God is everything we need and He knows how to meet every need.

When I am so caught up in my own world, how things will benefit me in the end, I allow fear to keep me from expressing true love. Do good, pray for others , even if you get NOTHING out of it! There will always be people that don’t mean us well, dangerous and risky situations…and yes…even people that do love us. We do need to know and recognize who is who, but at the end of the day, if we spend so much time protecting ourselves, we will never have time to love others! To experience true joy! The Bible tells us over and over that God is our strong tower and that He is fighting for us.

I wont willingly run into danger but if danger meets me on my road to Christ, I will stand on His word that He will see me through.

Don’t feel guilty for having doubt, fears or worries, but one thing I you must always do is bring every care to Christ. Tell him what is going on. He is faithful to open your eyes to the truth and that truth will faithfully set you free!

So, I will be obedient to what tells me even if it hurts. God knows why He asks me to do certain things and I can only trust that it will help someone in the end. Not my will but yours be done.