The Annoying Nag

Word of the day
to find fault or complain in an irritating, wearisome, or relentless manner.
          I learned that when we nag people who will never change, or people who do not live up to our preconceived notions, all it does is cause tension, stress and animosity. Nagging conveys the subtle message that you are displeased because you cannot get what you want.
         I’ve learned, that If I speak twice and no one is listening, then I simply stop talking and move on. I remove every trace of myself from the situation. I work around it, finding solutions that will bring me peace.
         There are countless articles on how to communicate with people to get what you want, but they fail to realize that everyone has their own mind and will. People will choose what they want to listen to and how they want to respond. We cannot control anyone. However, their response dictates what sections and circles we place them in. A lazy, self-absorbed person will not be in your inner circle. A person that dismisses your feelings will not be in your inner circle. People show their true selves all the time. We simply choose to ignore the signs. Sometimes people nag for no reason at all. They just like to control people, have a sense of superiority and feel as if everyone must do as they say and NOW.
           No one wants to be around a nag and everyone, at some point in their lives, nagged someone or been a victim to nagging. We must be slow to speak ( hard, I know) but if we do speak, speak with integrity and respect.
           Lesson I learned leaving 2016: If someone constantly tries to make me angry, puts me down, treats me like a child and never respects me, I have the power and the freedom to stop talking or listening to them. So many times we are guilt tripped as believers and humans in this society to allow draining people in our space. If we do not care for our emotional health, how can we better serve others? Only the Holy Spirit can change hearts, all we are called to do is love one another.

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