He Loves Them but He Loves Me Too

Something doesn’t sit right in my soul.

For the last few months I have been thinking about how we as a society and a people love to dismiss people’s emotions. We dismiss people who are mistreated, abused, bullied and hurt. The only way we notice them is when they find some inner strength to overcome their situation. But when will someone fight for the oppressed? When will someone take notice of those who feel as if they have no voice? Why do we turn a blind eye to those that are suffering? Why do we blame them for the way they are treated and for the way they feel?

It boggles my mind. This unnecessary burden for people to be strong in the face of trials. Leaving them all alone to fight for themselves. We call them weak, insecure, etc. simply for feeling honest emotions. The Bible says that our tongues can kill. We can tear a person to pieces by what we say and do to them. So why must the burden fall on the victim?

God promised that He hears the cries of the oppressed. David felt the brunt of mistreatment in his life. Instead of beating himself up, he ran to God and expressed his pain and anger. He didn’t have to pretend to be strong! He didn’t have to pretend to have it all together. How much stress and anger do we internalize when we just shrug things off and bury them deep within our souls. Those feelings never really go away! They just sit there in the depths and corners of our hearts, festering like infected sores. We refuse to address it because we fear we might be labeled as weak, or insecure, or caring what other people think.

I promise myself from this day forward to invest my love and care to all people. Not this mushy, sentimental, shallow love that people are trying to push on us. But, life breathing love. This life breathing love contains: loving correction, encouragement, affirmation, and care.

I don’t want to be fake…looking strong and confident on the outside, but dying on the inside. I want my strength to come from inside out. I want to be free to own my feelings , good and bad and then use them for good. I don’t want to put everyone in a happy box. I want to see people for who they truly are but yet, still love them because Christ first loved me.

Stop making excuses for people! We must hold each other accountable for how we treat others. We must raise up our standards. We must not tolerate bad behavior and put all the burdens on victims. We must actively take a stand.

To  those that are feeling hurt and down trodden: run to Jesus. You do not have to do anything but hand it all to Him. He can take every pain and burden in your heart, give you insight on how to deal with the situation and send loving and kind people into your life. You do not have to settle for feeling alone or not having a voice. God will be your voice. He might reveal to you the nature of your situation, but He will never leave you there to figure it out alone or fight it yourself.

You are not alone! Jesus and many of those that loved God, were misunderstood. Just remember that God is fighting for you. God hears the cries of the oppressed. Do not think for a moment that your feelings are dismissed or unheard. He hears all of your prayers. God does not have favorites. He loves them, but He loves you too!



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