Dear Brother…

I went to visit my younger brother who was diagnosed with autism since childhood. I tried to write a normal post but It just didn’t feel right…let’s see…

Dear Brother,

Your radiant smile is pure.

I can see and feel your love for me from your smile.

That defining moment, when I realized that everything in life is meaningless

if the people you care about and love aren’t smiling.

With joy I welcome you into my heart, you inspire me to become better, to love better and to serve better.

I am proud of you. Your accomplishments are nothing but grand. From the way you express yourself, to the quiet peace of your soul : you amaze me.

You simply be yourself, in a world that tries to conform and choke us.

I am proud of you dear brother, I’ve seen all you’ve gone through and now look at you! Marvelous creation of God! I believe in you and the future that is yours.

You touch everyone around you without even knowing. Everyone loves you.

Continue to fight baby bro, for your future. Continue to live and grow! We believe in you and we love you!

You changed me with your smile.

Love, Big Sister.

smilies-bank-sit-rest-160739mario-luigi-figures-funny-163157.jpegPicture source

Sibling Power! Hahaha! Unstoppable team!

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