Seek And You Shall Find

I’m on a treasure hunt.

Slowly but surely I shall find what I seek.

The treasures I look for: no man can produce.

No human hands created.

Not precious metal, silver or gold.

Not even a precious hand to hold.

But treasure that comes from the true and living God.

Produced and seasoned by his Holy Spirit.

Living Water, Bread of Life : Oh nourisher of my soul.


Wonderful Savior.

 I was on a journey to find true love

I put on my cloak and gathered food and water to prepare

I had my staff in hand, a fountain pen, ink, and a stash of paper.

“I am prepared”, I said.

“I am ready to embark on a journey few could ever take”.

Was I afraid? A little, but I was desperate.

Man made love never soothed the raging screams of my soul.

It could never wrap itself around my heart and give me the warmth I needed.

Gold nuggets scattered along the path, I picked them up, analyzed them, and wrote my

observations down.

“Amazing”, I said. Excitement and hope filled my heart. But, as the journey continued, my

enthusiasm waned. I became distracted. I was focused on the daily tasks of life. I was running

out of food, water, and I had no shelter. My cloak was tattered and my face dirty.

While I was sleeping it hit me hard. My eyes flew wide open and I began to write something

simple: God is love.

True Love is God himself. And Christ is love wrapped up in a savior. His life and His words drip

of love. He promises us peace and comfort, or rather the COMFORTER: The Holy Spirit that will

never leave us.

And I was seeking in essence, not love, but God himself! I put down my cloak, my staff and my

bag of essentials and I humbled myself before the True and Living God. The Most High God. I

fell on my knees, and was compelled to give Him praise and He encouraged me to continue.

Give Him praise for who He is!

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