God Validates Me

I was relaxing in my bed before falling asleep on a cool Sunday evening in July, when I thought to myself: God validates me. All of my feelings and the things I’ve gone through, I’ve always second guessed experiences but God validates me and I feel heard.

Let me break that down. Have you ever gone through a situation where something happens to you, but you can’t make sense of it or believe it ever happened? On the outside, it looks on way, but when you take closer look you see things that doesn’t look right. So , you go to other people to see if they too, see what you see, but they don’t.

I spent majority of my adult life like that in every area of life. If I didn’t truly , deep down, have inner conviction, I would start questioning everything. But while I won’t deny it, I would flip flop and second guess myself or rather be double-minded. I would know deep down the truth but could never stick to what will enforce the truth.

It not only confused me, but others as well. It made me seem unstable and unsure. In many ways, it projects insecurity but my outward behavior made it seem that way.

It was because, while I admit something that will seem contrary to popular belief, but I don’t trust myself. GASP! OH MY THE HORROR! She said she doesn’t trust herself. Everyone run to the hills for this woman is a lunatic.

No, wait, hold up. Chotto Matte! I have my reasons:

  1. What do I know? I do know but “feelings are obsolete in the world of faith.” That means…
  2. I have learned to put my complete trust in God alone. That means not myself! There are plenty of verses in the bible that tells us why we shouldn’t trust ourselves.
  3. People also don’t know anything! What do they know that God doesn’t know? So, stop asking people before you ask God! Easier said that done, but let me tell you a secret: when I find myself running to people and I’m aware of this, I go back and talk to God instead. The more you do something, the easier it gets.

But have you ever noticed that when you talk to people you never feel quite satisfied but after praying you feel a sense of peace? Maybe it’s just me.

In, conclusion, God knows best and He wins! When I pour out my heart to Him he validates me. He listens. He lets me know He cares. He comforts me. Then, He begins to show me the truth about my situation in ways that promote repentance, growth and healing.

I’ve learned to put away preconceived notions on how He will help me and let him do his job! He’s the Ancient Of Days, He has the best track record for these sort of things.

And so, when your feelings are validated you feel loved! You have a voice! You are heard! And someone takes notice of you and wants to help you! Everyone wants to feel validated and it’s not a bad thing at all!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be strong on your own. That false sense of strength was my downfall! So, I am warning you from experience. I am not strong. I need love and care. I need to be comforted. I need to be validated and affirmed. I need these things to strive and I have learned to seek God for these things not humans and definitely not pretend I don’t need it.



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