A Change of Plans


Photo by Barby Dalbosco on Unsplash

Today was symbolic.

I had everything planned out. Wanted to visit this gluten free bakery in the city, as I missed the taste of donuts and cupcakes. My morning was slow and I was unmotivated to leave the house.

Checked the time and it’s after 1 pm. I slowly get dressed and head out the door. The subway station is crowded and a bunch of police officers were roaming around and guarding the downtown platform.

I found the courage to ask the booth teller what was going on. He said, “someone went on the tracks so that platform is blocked off. You are more than able to use the uptown service.”  I nod and say thank you and head for the bus stop.

It was crowded. People were obviously waiting for the bus for a while. When the bus finally arrived it was crowded. As I tried to aboard the bus, the bus driver says something rude to me and I move my hand from the rail and he shuts the door quickly. Everyone fusses behind me and throws a fit but I am quiet and still.

I thought to myself , God must truly not want me to have these cupcakes today.

Now writing this, it amazes me the message here. I tried all my options, to get to my destination, but I couldn’t get there. Every means to get there was blocked, halted and even delayed. I knew instantly that it was just not my time or worth the effort to get there.

Who knows what God was protecting me from, had I pushed and fought my way there. The cupcake, it’s sweet and tasty. It’s comforting and pleasurable, but a cupcake isn’t really the best for nutrition. It really has no substance other than to make me feel good. It wasn’t a goal worth fighting for.

In a way, we may think we know where we want to go, but God has other plans…







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