Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom

I use to believe that title, prestige, high recommendations and being plastered everywhere, was a sign that a school, institution, store, product or service would be the best in it’s field.

However, this time around, my perspective has changed somewhat. After living life a little, I’ve seen people go to prestigious schools but end up with nothing to show for it and other people, who started off in a not so glamorous way, finding hidden resources and having the wisdom to use it effectively in their own life.

One size does not fit all. Just because the masses agree, doesn’t mean it’s for you. Knowledge is meaningless without understanding and wisdom. We need more than just knowing something, we must process this knowledge, comprehend it and then find ways to utilize this knowledge, implementing it in our daily lives so we can reach our goals and full potential. Knowledge without wisdom a waste of time.  You can go to Harvard, complete all the fancy courses and still come out as empty as you started. You had no plan, no strategy. You didn’t know how to use the resources available to you, and you didn’t know what you wanted to use them for.

You must be completely aware and present at all times. In the quest for knowledge, we sometimes go through the motions, following what our instructors or peers recommend without asking ourselves what we want and where we need to go.

Your choices may not look like anyone’s, but are you ready to make the best out of every decision in your life? Taking the good and bad and using them as stepping stones to get to where you need to be?

When one door closes, another one opens.  Never cry over closed doors and missed opportunities. If you are alive, you have more than enough to keep striving and moving forward.

Having a hammer but not knowing how to use it is pointless. It’s the same with everyday life and learning. Don’t allow people, your insecurities or whatever distraction/pressure, deter you from making the best out of every situation and gleaning what you need from it.

Make the best of it all. Use all your resources wisely and never give up.


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