God Is A Mystery

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

In this world, we are all striving to make money and do something with our time.

I’m up at midnight, reflecting on recent changes in my life. I realized that God is a mystery, literally. Does anyone know what He is truly thinking? Do we really know why things happen the way they do and for what purpose? Can we anticipate God’s next move?

I have come to the end of myself. I cannot rationalize or make sense of God’s ways. He does things that confuses even the wisest of us. We can judge all day long and still end up wrong. We don’t know what God is doing on the inside. He works mysteriously behind the scenes, in people’s hearts and in every circumstance to bring about His will. What is His will?

How do we know what God’s intent is in a given situation? What if a young woman and a young man love each other but one is saved but the other isn’t. Do we write him off completely? What about Esther? Didn’t she marry someone of another faith and culture? But her marriage to the King was God’s plan to save her people.

What if someone becomes homeless and that was God’s plan to get them to their destiny? What if illness was the means to draw someone close to him? What about Joseph and Daniel serving ungodly Kings?

We think we know, but do we know? Why God does the things He does? Why He chose to let Job be tested and trialed by Satan? We got a tiny glimpse of the dialogue in heaven. Who knows what is being said about us right now.

I cannot control God. I cannot pray and believe that God will answer my prayers as I prayed them. I’ve learned to simply pray my needs but then end the prayer with : let your will be done. I’ve watched God open and closed doors. Doors that I thought would be answers to my needs and God said no, only to open other doors that make no sense at all.

God is loving, kind and patient but he isn’t swayed by human emotion. You cannot bribe God into doing anything He doesn’t want done. We can’t praise or speak out prayers into existence. God is sovereign, He doesn’t need our help.

Human beings know NOTHING. We are all carrying baggage and burdens. We all have a past , full of wounds and lessons. All we know is what we perceive. We don’t know what the best course is for our own lives, so why do we think we know the best for others? This realization made me humble. I need God. Human beings cannot tell me what is the best course for my life, only God can.

So seek Him. Seek Him out for the course of your life. He is the only one that knows what is best for you. I now know how to give people advice: pray and seek God. We may hear and see what someone is going through, but only God truly knows. This is where patience is needed, to wait for God to lead us in the way we should go.

We oftentimes want to jump ahead and make our own decisions because we think God is taking too long. We become afraid of losing time. Be patient, as everything has it’s time and season.

Don’t worry about those that laugh and judge you. Everyone laughed at Noah and Abraham. Noah built an ark before rain ever existed. God told him that there will be a flood and only those that take shelter in the ark will be saved. Everyone laughed at him. They thought he was a nut case. But Noah patiently obeyed God’s instructions. What has God told you that was hard to believe? What did you actually believe but have allowed others to convince you otherwise? Trust what you heard from God.

It’s hard to believe because we don’t see the evidence. It takes too long. People are laughing and mocking us. But if you forfeit the vision, what is your purpose? What aimless thing are you chasing after? All the crazy things biblical characters believed for, determined their purpose. Abraham the father of nations, Moses who led Hebrew slaves out of bondage, Noah and the flood, Esther and saving her people from genocide, Joseph and His dream that got him in trouble with his jealous brothers but was the door in which God used to help his family and various nations in time of famine.

If you believe in God and walk with Him, trust that every painful experience has a purpose. Trust that every odd circumstance has meaning. It all has meaning. Life isn’t meant to be understood anyway.

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