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The Prequel To The Vision



Happy New Year!

2020 is an exciting year, simply because it’s new and we can shape it however we like. This will be a great year, not because there won’t be trials and tribulations, but because if we stay close to God and have an open mind, we will be safe.

2019 was rough,  but an eye opening. It reaffirmed my beliefs, exposed some deep and dark parts of my heart and allowed me to appreciate who I am.

Everywhere, people tell us to accept who we are and never let struggles in life keep us down. As cliche and overused as it is, it’s still truth.

I want to see 2019 as the prequel for 2020. 2019 holds valuable information that will become the blueprint and vision of 2020. 2019 was ordained by God, in his sovereignty, to illuminate and confirm the word that He gave his children years ago.

I draw on biblical stories like Joseph, who had a dream and was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Most of us know this story well, but Joseph was later able to tell his brothers not the lament over their sins, for God ordained it for a greater purpose.

Here, we see a sovereign God, working on the behalf of his people through the struggles of one faithful man. ( Don’t worry if you’re not as perfect as Joseph, neither am I, LOL).

I spent a greater portion of 2019 angry at everyone. Angry at those that have hurt me. I tried so hard to forgive and forget but it wasn’t possible because I didn’t have deeper insight into the situation.


As 2020 begins, I can see clearly. We sometimes think that bad circumstances couldn’t be ordained by God. But, it’s not about how much we suffer but how much we learn.

I learned that all people lack deeper insight, so forgive. The same forgiveness I need, I should also give. I realized that everyone naturally falls into some sort of group and if you don’t fit in neatly with everyone, they will either try to conform you or hurt you. Whether Christian, Unbeliever, Race, gender, body type etc, most people can’t handle differences. Don’t be a square peg forcing yourself in a round hole. Find the square hole and make that your home.

It’s OK to leave some things behind. It’s OK to start something and then realize it’s not for you. I was so upset with myself for not avoiding an opportunity like I had planned, but because of what I went through, I now have a SOLID vision for 2020 and the rest of my life.

It was like dating myself, getting to know my quirks, what makes me feel fulfilled, the type of environment I need to flourish and the type of people I want to associate with. In 2019 I was a clean slate. I was just dabbling in different things with no clear vision. It had its purpose and now that season has ended.

If you are like me and find yourself crying over failed attempts, I’m here to reassure you not to. Easier said than done, I know. However, I can assure you that all things work together for YOUR GOOD…especially for those of us that love God.

Forgive those that hurt you along the way. They don’t know what they are doing. A lot of people believe they are helping you and there are some that are mean spirited but they don’t matter.


Every single person on this planet needs a personal vision, and it’s from that vision that we filter the thoughts and opinions of others. For example: If I want to become a singer and someone tells me I need to study neuroscience, I’d look at them like – thanks but no thanks. If I am a Christian and my life goal is to spread the gospel – a Buddhist might tell me to study their principles but that doesn’t line up with the vision of the gospel. For those that are still seeking, they will try everything, but for those with a vision they will stay firm on that path. There is no wavering. Every opportunity and advice given from that point on is filtered through the vision and if it doesn’t line up, it’s discarded.

May God richly bless the work of your hands in 2020!

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