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You’ll Know Them By Their Fruit

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I am a Christian. I love Jesus with all my heart and he is my life. I was raised by the Church to believe that Christians only talk and interact with other Christians. I was never one to obey that, but I wondered if something was wrong with me. However, once I reached adulthood, my life experiences have taught me something valuable.

You judge people by their fruit.

My best friend is a muslim. Our friendship is marked by open and honest communication and a genuine concern for one another.

However, the most opposition i’ve ever faced in my life were from people that believed in the same God or came from the same flesh.

When someone loves and respects you, title, accomplishments and outer appearance truly means little. You begin to love the soul and essence of a person. You respect their journey. It might be different from yours, but you respect it.

Your religion doesn’t determine the condition of your heart. The Samaritan parable is a perfect example of this. He wasn’t a Jew. He didn’t worship the same or even from the same ethnicity. He was different. And yet, he helped someone who was different from him because he saw a need.

Love is the greatest catalyst towards change. Love is the highest form of communication. Love goes beyond our physical limitations and our rigid/cold beliefs and breaks down barriers.

Some people are wary of differences because of their own fears. People fear what they don’t understand.

“I am convinced that men hate each other because they fear each other. They fear each other because they don’t know each other, and they don’t know each other because they don’t communicate with each other, and they don’t communicate with each other because they are separated from each other”.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Communication is not simply talking. It is listening with the goal of understanding and coming to a mutual conclusion. A lot of people are full of hot air and eloquent words but nothing of substance.

They would rather make judgements and draw conclusions than simply ask. They would rather judge than understand.

All human beings are inherently different and that is what God loves. He created diversity for a reason. True diversity. Not just the popularized version of diversity, but diversity that permeates every facet of life.

There are many denominations and now I’m beginning to see the beauty in it. Before, I believed, like most people, that God wanted everyone to be globally unified. However, we can all be different and yet be unified. We are all parts of the whole. We are like a field of flowers – diverse and spread out over a wide stretch of land.

Some of us are charismatic, fiery preachers, others of us are quiet servants. Some of us are skilled with our hands, others of us have the gift of gab. We have day shift workers and we have night shift workers. We have builders and demolitionists.

Life won’t give you want you want, you have to fight to create it. No one is required to simply roll out the red carpet because you arrived.

If you are looking for meaning in life, open your heart and mind to a new thing. Open your heart to seeing things differently. Because if you keep waiting for the perfect moment, perfect person, perfect everything, you will forfeit living.

Life is full of pain and regrets but it is in the beauty of living that we even learn.

It is how we respond – judge them by their fruit. How do they respond to your requests? Your honesty? How do they respond to your quirks? Ask yourself how you respond to others.

How To Survive In This World As An Introvert



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Introverts are labelled many things: stupid, antisocial, cold, rude, stuck up etc. Sadly, this only reveals the insecurity of the people making these judgments.

No one is the same. We are not born with the same temperaments. Some people are loud, in your face and full of energy. They love people and conversation, some can talk for hours and feel amazing.

Then there are introverts. No, we are not always shy, no we are not rude or even hate humans. We simply love quiet, being quiet and having short and straight forward conversations.


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Some of us need to get to know you first before opening up, so give us time to do so. Personally, it takes me years before I consider someone a friend or someone I can trust. If I am pressured to trust and open up before I am ready, best believe I will withdraw or never speak to you again. Give people room to make decisions for themselves. Sadly, I believe a lot of people look for validation from others. So, if an introvert doesn’t give them the attention they seek, they feel…less than.

Everyone wants to be a motivational speaker these days. It’s quite infuriating, honestly. I don’t mind others wanting to do it, but I surely do not. And I’m quite sure, there are others that feel the same. They will force you, shame you and nag you into public speaking, as if your worth and future depends on it. Give people the freedom to choose their own path and their own lives without the guilt trip. That’s right, saying someone isn’t going to make it in life because they don’t live up to your standards is controlling.


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It takes a lot of strength, as in introvert to say ‘NO’. We are shamed everyday for being who we are. We are not allowed to shine in our strengths but forced to change, to see ourselves as faulty. I believe true strength is quiet, sometimes. It takes strength to be different, to quietly assert your confidence in a way that is unseen. To be so secure in yourself that you do not need the validation of others, you do not need the company of others to define your worth or your future.

I had to learn how to speak up for my needs. I had to learn how to enforce boundaries and make it clear that I’m not changing and I’m not doing anything I am uncomfortable with or don’t believe in.


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We need all kinds of people to function and strive in this world. Introverts have a great role to play. If you are a manager of a company, a teacher, a spiritual leader, a parent, or anyone in position of authority, please do not change or shame the introverts you lead. Be observant and you will begin to see a whole list of traits and skills that these wonderful introverts can add to your company, etc.

Introverts carry many valuable soft skills that are often overlooked and needed in a company. Some include : analytical skills, attention to detail, excellent written communication, patience under pressure, and the ability to work and stay focused. It does differ from person-to-person, but this is just to give you a general idea of what to look for.

A great leader observes a person as an individual with their own skill sets, not someone to mold into their image.


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My hope is that this will bring some awareness to those that have an ear to hear, but also a source of comfort and encouragement to fellow introverts, who feel as if they are not allowed to be themselves, completely. I’m here to tell you, that while it will be a life long battle, you hold the power in your hands. ‘NO’, is a powerful word – use it to enforce your boundaries. Trust me, you will feel so much better that you did.


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