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Soaring Above The Clouds.

“Soaring above the clouds.”

When you think about it, this quote is very meaningful. What do clouds do? They cover the sun. Many times they bring rain storms, thunder and lightening. They invoke fear and boredom in those that do not wish to party in the rain. The sun that clouds block is the source of our nourishment. It gives us a sense of vitality, warmth and happiness.

Sometimes we allow clouds to cover the sun in our lives. Clouds can manifest as negative people who want to damper your happiness or quest for something more in life. Be wary of those that will put blame on you because you choose not to sit around and mope about anything in life. Sometimes cloudy people will think you do not deserve the success you are striving for.

Clouds can also manifest as circumstances. It may be an illness, death of a family member or losing your job. Whatever it is, it is a huge cloud that covers your vitality, warmth and means to grow.

Last but not least, clouds can take the form of negative thoughts. Negative internal thoughts that bring about sadness or a sense of failure even before you started. Pity -party, negativity, and drama are all part of your persona. Don’t do it. Don’t make excuses or else you too will become a cloud blocking someone’s sun.

So what must we do? We must soar above every cloud. How do we do it? First we must believe we can. Who gives us the power to do so? Christ does! We can try in our own power to overcome the clouds but humans do not naturally possess that ability. We will always be fighting to fly above the clouds but not effortlessly soaring. God makes it easier to fly and soar in the sky because he promised in his word to make our burdens lighter. Clouds can also be the mistakes of our pasts. However, God promised that he will no longer remember our failures. So, if God the creator of the universe forgives us of our offenses why should we allow ourselves to sink in a bottomless pit of guilt.

Shake off your past, your failures, negative people, negative thoughts and reach for the SON of God who forgives sins and right wrongs and gives many many opportunities for growth and warmth in him. Help others to soar as well. That’s how we find ourselves above every cloud in this life.

It’s not easy, but there must be a constant effort to believe that it is possible.