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The Dream That Spoke To My Spirit

I had a dream last night

that dream spoke to the depths of my soul

and ignited my spirit ablaze.

A quiet anger, contemplative thoughts

that propelled me to free fall into the ocean of my


And in that pain I found an answer.

I found the answer I was looking for and a solution that requires nothing more than

me being my authentic self.

I remember reading about the Samaritan woman and Jesus telling her

a day will come when we will worship as we are.

Casting down all that keeps us looking clean and untouched on the outside.

I realized the beauty of brokenness and approaching God hurt and busted.

The awesomeness of approaching God angry.

In my mess, all I could do was cry out. All I could do was cry.

You see, we have to pretend we have it all figured out. We have to pretend

“fake it till we make it”, pretend we love people, put on a stupid show and everyone

is festering and rotting on the inside. We have dead eyes and fake smiles, lukewarm handshakes, show off hallelujahs ….

where are people that are willing to go up to the altar broken.

Where are the people willing to wail and cry before God?

Where are those that are mad, confused, hurt and battered?

Where are those weary and faint?

Where are the lame, the weak, the widowed and the fatherless?

Where are the poor and the hungry?

Where are the forgotten, abandoned and rejected?

Where are the sinners and the backsliders?

Truth be told, they are right here. You and me.

And yet, we pretend to be everything we are not.

We are told that we must come to God perfect, we must always be perfect

and yet, people are sharing false doctrine, feel good gospel and promise of prosperity.

We are feeding the shepard but the shepard isn’t feeding the flock.  The sheep has to protect the shepard, but the shepard let’s his sheep wander off.  If you are the so called keeper of our souls, why are we keeping yours? Don’t elevate yourself to the place where only God can sit.

We hold spiritual gifts as markers of conversion but not fruit. We bribe God with tithes and offerings.

We dangle our faults and our lack thereof as a way to boast of how spiritual we are.

We pretend, go to church, get angry, gossip, undermine and hurt each other only to continue that cycle.

We tolerate abuse and injustice in the name of Christ, when there are times when we must stand up against injustice and abuse!

Who are we?

My dream opened the flood gates of my mind and heart

and I am flying among the things I can no longer tolerate.

This is what change does. It’s not always clear cut and comforting.

Sometimes it’s dirty, like child birth : bloody, painful and yet, rewarding.

I want to believe I’m free.

I must believe I’m free.

The dream that will change everything.


Seek And You Shall Find

I’m on a treasure hunt.

Slowly but surely I shall find what I seek.

The treasures I look for: no man can produce.

No human hands created.

Not precious metal, silver or gold.

Not even a precious hand to hold.

But treasure that comes from the true and living God.

Produced and seasoned by his Holy Spirit.

Living Water, Bread of Life : Oh nourisher of my soul.


Wonderful Savior.

 I was on a journey to find true love

I put on my cloak and gathered food and water to prepare

I had my staff in hand, a fountain pen, ink, and a stash of paper.

“I am prepared”, I said.

“I am ready to embark on a journey few could ever take”.

Was I afraid? A little, but I was desperate.

Man made love never soothed the raging screams of my soul.

It could never wrap itself around my heart and give me the warmth I needed.

Gold nuggets scattered along the path, I picked them up, analyzed them, and wrote my

observations down.

“Amazing”, I said. Excitement and hope filled my heart. But, as the journey continued, my

enthusiasm waned. I became distracted. I was focused on the daily tasks of life. I was running

out of food, water, and I had no shelter. My cloak was tattered and my face dirty.

While I was sleeping it hit me hard. My eyes flew wide open and I began to write something

simple: God is love.

True Love is God himself. And Christ is love wrapped up in a savior. His life and His words drip

of love. He promises us peace and comfort, or rather the COMFORTER: The Holy Spirit that will

never leave us.

And I was seeking in essence, not love, but God himself! I put down my cloak, my staff and my

bag of essentials and I humbled myself before the True and Living God. The Most High God. I

fell on my knees, and was compelled to give Him praise and He encouraged me to continue.

Give Him praise for who He is!

The Way Papa God Loves Me

I cannot hide from you, O Lord. Your love is so large and too grand to contain, to comprehend.

And yet,it is that love that captivates my soul and brings me to tears. It is that love that changes me.

Lord, you are willing to talk to me, personally. “Let’s talk,” you’d say. “Let’s work things out, my precious daughter,” you’d tell me.

You are a fair Papa with no favorites. I know you are just and I can trust you with my life. You do not leave me wandering in the dark, lost and confused. You counsel me along the way. You comfort me when the heart is bleeding. Wounds that time won’t heal.

You deal with me personally. You are not a generic God. A one-size- fits-all-kinda-problem-solver.

You get right to the heart of the matter. You are brutally honest, your word cuts me down but brings me to life, a better life. Hanging out with you makes me more like you, the ultimate role model!

Thank you sweet Papa God for your everlasting and unfailing love. 

God’s Love is Beautiful

Love births change.

With love, we flourish, we strive, we live, we finally start living.

The love God has for us is complete and perfect.

Our worth doesn’t come from our size, body type or the people we know.

Our worth isn’t defined by our occupation or our achievements or failures.

Our worth doesn’t come from a man or a woman but from God alone.

We don’t have to do anything to win his love, it’s already freely given.

God is truly in love with us, obsessed with us. He is always concerned about every tiny aspect of our lives.

Just like a loving parent that knows everything about their children, so does our heavenly father know us.

It is embracing the intimacy of his love that we learn that it’s alright to trust him. That his love goes beyond this life and beyond us and extended to every other person.

It is in this love that we change, find hope and peace. God made each of us unique with different talents and skills. Use it to give him glory and help one another. Shine bright in the uniqueness that God has created you, for in that lies your true beauty.

A beautiful person is one who fears the Lord.

I challenge everyone, including myself to find the beauty in God’s love. It is in his love that we find security and true peace. It is in his love that we find the power and grace to live for him and sharing the gospel through our words and actions.

The Beauty of Death

There is nothing in my head,

Nothing at all.

Empty, dead, what is there to find?

No matter how you try to look at it , everything died along with it.

Can’t cry, don’t need to cry anymore because one must accept that where there is a beginning, there is finally an end.

A beautiful end, a happily ever after.

The funny thing is, God can always rewrite your story. Cuz you see, we had a script we wanted to play but God’s vision for us is the masterpiece. 

So, I’m allowing my mind to die today. The beauty of death is the life in it, a life no one can take away.

I won’t be silenced.

I will not be silenced

told when to speak

by you!

Close your ears and hide if you must

for my words speak truths that

haunt you at night.


Everything I represent

exposes the lies that you embody

I shall never be silenced!


Shut me up

and my legacy

will ooze from my pores

and come to life

in another form.


Everything I am

fuels the jealousy inside

you can’t hide

from your own worthlessness

simply because you refuse

to see your own worth

and elevate yourself

to mountain peek.


Don’t blame me for your misery

as truth hurts.

Do something about it

and change your world.

If not, you will be consumed

by your own inner darkness.