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A One- Sided Conversation with YOU.

Love is easy. Breathe in, then breathe out. It’s as easy as breathing. One day you just had enough and you silence all the noise in YOUR OWN HEAD..because the noise on the outside doesn’t matter. It’s when you have those loud, obnoxious voices in your own head, embracing all the lies they said.

Tell yourself enough is enough. Tell yourself it’s time to take a stand. Tell yourself you don’t care who is offended, it’s time to clean the slate and surround yourself with new friends….new parents….new siblings…..NEW PEOPLE…


People who WILL : never put you down but lift you up. People that know how to laugh and have fun! People who are not self absorbed….there is a give and take going on between the both of you.

Re create your inner circle…your inner world is influenced by your inner circle. People change, so ensure that you clean out your closet every couple of years- if needed. But aim to find people that you do not want to live with out. People that are willing to apologize and right wrongs till the end. Cuz we all know, no one is perfect.

But…at the end of the day…you must be your own very best friend. Stop beating yourself up! Push hard, but it’s okay to say “You did your best.”

Let go of the past, don’t worry about the future and have fun today! Do everything you always wanted to do…do it without any restrictions or waiting for the perfect moment.


Stop waiting for that perfect moment, it might never come.


Make plans but also take risks! You are in charge of the decisions you make. Not even God controls you like a puppet. He gave you a will! A mind….a free mind…so use it! But also believe that He will steer you on the right path as you go along. Stay true to your convictions. No matter how angry or confused you are….be wise and don’t throw God away. Don’t say ” I don’t need God.” That’s not wise. Only a fool would say that.

But don’t wait. There is no perfect moment. Waiting….life will pass you by and you will look around and wonder why you wasted it.

You don’t need to be rich, or famous, or fit in nicely with societal norm. Just be yourself!

Love is easy. It’s as easy as air. When you love YOU ….love becomes easy. Love doesn’t hurt. Love doesn’t bleed. Love mends…and it heals. Love frees your mind and ignites your soul….with passion yes…but with peace. Peace in knowing that nothing…that people say or do will ever define who you are. And they sure don’t have any control over your future.

Your future is in your hands. What do you choose?

Something I must share.

This is a random post. Random and unedited.

As a christian who struggles daily and fails daily, at times I wonder if I could have support from a church that loves and serves God in Spirit and truth. Sadly, I haven’t been to church in the last few years because their sermons and how they present themselves do not line up with the Word of God. I know no one is perfect, none of us are but we should not make light our sins, and the sins of the world. We should not laugh or joke about sin. We should not make references to sin. We should not celebrate sin. We should run from it at all cost. When we fall, we should find it in ourselves to get up and cling to Christ. We should also help each other to serve God better. We should do so in love. We should not be afraid to stand up for what is right. I’m so sick and tired of seeing wishy washy Christians. No, not the ones who struggle with sin but those that CONDONE sin. There is a big difference.

I learned the difference recently. I use to live in condemnation because I thought I was suppose to be perfect. However You can tell alot about a person based on what they say and their attitude. If anyone were to ask me, I’d admit that I am someone who struggles with doing the right thing. I struggle to read my bible and pray. I struggle because I focus on the wrong thing. I focus more on my works than on Jesus. This is my personal struggle. However, lately I’ve noticed that the body of christ justifies sin. There is no remorse, repentance nothing. It’s a free for all, all is right kind of church. We judge those who try to do the right thing and praise and exalt all who live in sin with joy.

I remember the day I got saved. I prayed to God because I knew that he was the source of all good. I knew his word to be true. I knew that I was fallen and sinful. I knew that my disobedience was because i didn’t have God in my life. I knew I needed him. To this day the struggle is REAL. Being a christian isn’t easy. We struggle with our flesh daily. Sometimes we fall. We go through dry seasons where we lack joy and peace. We cry. However, We TRY.

Being a christian isn’t about perfection it’s about repentance and grace. It’s about humility and love. I’m tired of the church. I’m tired of seeing the church condone what is wrong. Why are we so caught up with what the world thinks about us? Then I realized that the church is also full of sinners. The body of Christ is made up of believers but the building can house non-believers and the saved. We are known by our fruits. So, I decided never to argue about religion. When people curse you for believing in God, just bless them and go on your way. When they call you hypocrite, go on your way. Focus on Jesus not your sins. Focus on getting back up after a fall. Focus on love. Focus on forgiveness. Let God show you exactly what you should be doing with your skills and talents. Don’t let the church fool you. We have alot of false prophets floating around preaching a wishy-washy gospel. I love the life changing gospel of Christ. Christ who came to forgive and his spirit that exposes truth.

I apologize for my unedited ramble but I’m very sure the things I’ve seen was to bring me to my own repentance and to see the truth within myself. I don’t ever want to be the person who condones sin. I don’t ever want to glorify satan with my life. The struggle is real.

This is my prayer, the the church will rise up and stand for what is right in love. I pray for all my sisters and brothers in Christ who struggle daily with sin. I pray for Christians around the world who are persecuted because of their love for God. I pray for those who are seeking Jesus and that they may find him soon. I pray for those that are hurting, may you find peace in Jesus. I pray for myself, that my life and my struggles in the end give God the glory. Let my words and my life and my attitude align with the Word of God. In Jesus Name, Amen.


The struggle is real but God is in control.

Random Love.

Never be a martyr or a people pleaser. Someone who makes the people around you comfortable before you are even comfortable. You will become a target for various kinds of people simply because you have no boundaries. Like I mentioned before in another post, those that love you will not exhaust you. They won’t use or deplete you. As you invest in them, they will invest in you. Be mindful of their words and actions. Be sure that they line up.

Don’t put too much emotion or trust in those who do not even give you an explanation or make any effort in helping you understand what they want. Communication is the foundation to every healthy relationship. Someone that loves you would WANT to communicate and come to a conclusion.

In our world, love is scarce. It’s not something human beings naturally have. Parents are usually love-less and then those traits are passed down to their children. It takes just one person open and willing to learn and acquire love to change their environment. Before we can change our world we must allow God to change us first. We need to take the time to grow in love. Growing in love is painful. We start seeing our flaws. We begin to see the flaws in others. We begin to see what doesn’t work. We begin to feel. However, there is a flip side. We also begin to see our own transformations. We learn how to interact with others or when not to interact with others. We stop caring so much about the silly things and start investing in meaningful things. We learn how to celebrate others. We learn how to keep our dignity. We become people of integrity.

We are all imperfect but once we start seeking change, it will come. I’m learning to accept that some of us are learning and some of us will always be in a rut. Surround yourself with people who are learning. Help those who are learning. And yes, remove the rut dwellers. Maybe or may not they will find that spark that will ignite their passion for learning. If not, that is their own problem to fix. Accept that only God can change people, NOT US. We are only called to understand.

Love starts from the inside out. God said, love your neighbor AS yourself. Not more or less. Most of all love God with everything we have. Without that, we won’t even know where to start on our quest towards love.

Forgive yourself and others. Seek God for ultimate forgiveness. Always remind yourself of who you are and who you will become.

Be joyful always!

Wake Up-Transitioning…

I am going through a heavy transition in my life mentally, physically and lastly spiritually. I say lastly because it’s the part of me that is the most stubborn, tattered and lost.

I want to start off by saying that there is every reason for me to be happy. As I am happy, even when things are far from my idea of perfection, I know that there are miracles happening all around me.

However, the most confusing part is my spiritual life. I posted about this before – bad habits die hard. It’s not only habits but mindsets, expectations and just the way I was raised. You know, silly things that I take for granted. Letting one bad thing slip, or noticing that I think a certain way or entertain a certain feeling or attitude.

I become a busy body when I’m running away from something. AGAIN. Some of us are stubborn and need a kick to the rump before realizing that God is tugging at our hearts to look at him.

How caught up I am in my own personal goals, living life, trying to make the best of life without him being part of it.

How dare I do such a thing. You would think after all he’s done for me I’d get with the program.

What happened to the luster of worship. The passion in reading the word. The humility in bowing down in prayer. When since talking to him became a burden? Why can’t I pour out my heart to him? Why do I always feel the need to pour out my heart to others? Even though I do not, I want to more than I admit.

So many emotions, so many, too many things…

No wonder stress is common in our day and age. But is that really an excuse?

I have so much to be thankful for and yet no gratitude shown to the one who is responsible for it all.

I exclaim ” Thank God” or ” By the grace of God” But such empty words if I don’t tell him first.


It’s not about me. Remember. It’s not a concert or one woman band. This is God’s world and I fit into it. Sounds weird to most but this is the truth. He made it and I fit into it. We are part of GOD’S PLAN! HIS PLAN.

Which means we consult him for OUR LIVES. MY LIFE.

So how dare we ( I ) think to put myself, others or anything before his plans.

The audacity. Get real. Stay true. I just have to be real. Humility is a gem. A wonderful skill, trait, personality, virtue to have. But it’s hard to come by, hard to maintain.

Humility. Knowing who you are and where you fit in. What’s my place?

I am not a god. I am not the protagonist in a book. I fit into HIS PLAN.

So who am I to take the place of the one who made the world?

Grace. I’m so thankful for it. Without it I wouldn’t have the opportunity to stand before God and speak with him without the stain of sin. Grace , the opportunity to allow God to do his job. Because sin, whether it is fornication, murder or PRIDE ( lack of humility) etc etc, destroys the bridge of communication.


Ever felt far away? On a distant planet away from the SUN? Felt cold and lifeless, empty, frail and afraid? Even when you think you are comfy under that blanket ( false security), not realizing it’s exactly what’s keeping you back. Not realizing that you should be doing everything in your power to lean towards the sun ( like some plants do).

Without our heavenly father we will fall. I will fall.

I don’t want to travel that path. Been there, done that and it was scary.

Scariest time. Deadly gamble of the soul. Don’t go there.

A WARNING. Danger lurks in hidden places.

Don’t let life, goals, negativity, your job…..NOTHING hinder you from making God primary!



This is for yesterday.

  • Watching a squirrel under a car opening a carton of food and eating very loudly.
  • I was in a store wanting to buy my craving for soda, and a man approaches me and asks me if I was a singer on a Choir. He then went on to say that he’s a musician and that I was singing with the perfect pitch and should seriously consider a career in music.
  • A cat being startled by a truck passing by.
  • Taking a long peaceful nap from 3 pm to 1 am.
  • Being told that I am considered a good friend.