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The Way Papa God Loves Me

I cannot hide from you, O Lord. Your love is so large and too grand to contain, to comprehend.

And yet,it is that love that captivates my soul and brings me to tears. It is that love that changes me.

Lord, you are willing to talk to me, personally. “Let’s talk,” you’d say. “Let’s work things out, my precious daughter,” you’d tell me.

You are a fair Papa with no favorites. I know you are just and I can trust you with my life. You do not leave me wandering in the dark, lost and confused. You counsel me along the way. You comfort me when the heart is bleeding. Wounds that time won’t heal.

You deal with me personally. You are not a generic God. A one-size- fits-all-kinda-problem-solver.

You get right to the heart of the matter. You are brutally honest, your word cuts me down but brings me to life, a better life. Hanging out with you makes me more like you, the ultimate role model!

Thank you sweet Papa God for your everlasting and unfailing love. 

A Psalm

A Psalm of Meari

Why do I serve you Oh Lord?

Why do I call out your name?

When I was sick and my body broken

You placed within me a seed of faith

And it grew and grew and

You showed me the power you placed in me

To believe in your name

But then,

I manage to stumble and fall

And I begin to question it all

If I was who you said I was

If everything I trusted in you for

Was an illusion.

And as the days go by

I no longer want to see you.

In my heart I am angry,

because I feel unworthy to approach you.

I don’t even know how to cry out to you

And so I chose to hold all of it in.

My life is hard,

And you were the hope I cling to

your joy was the air I lived on

But when I saw the reflection of my cancerous sores

I’m reminded of how ugly, dirty and diseased I am.

And as I write this,

I am reminded that I am cancerous

Once I turn my eyes from you

The sores begin to bleed.

Only you can heal me

And each day, can you renew me.

To say I am perfect is a lie

When I know that I need you just to survive.

The proof of my salvation

Is the weight of guilt in sin.

The proof of my salvation

Is knowing that I need you

Just to feel right again

The proof of my salvation

Is the daily struggle just

To seek your face.

Because I need to see your face.

This is the proof of my need

And your love for me.

So even when I’m not my best.

You are.